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Enjoy TV Ethiopia Right on Your iPhone Any Where

You may not find an app for Utopia, but you can always download Ethiopia Online! The new version 1.2 of this fantastic native app brings Ethiopians anywhere in the world back to their homeland. You can also tune in to your favorite international TV and Radio channels via the app. The application streams broadcasting from original online content without artificial additions. Disputed or controversial content is removed on request.

international TV

Version 1.2 has been made compatible with iPhone versions 6 and above. The developers also have enhanced the app engine and user interface, making them more attractive! A rich array of features allows users complete control over their viewing experience. You can customize the programs and the channels to a great extent!

Custom viewership features include:

  • Choose your experience in television and radio entertainment. Watch movies at your pleasure. Stay in touch with the world by Amharic and international Enjoy animation, musical programs, great sports, anything, just as you want it.
  • Record your favorite programs by a simple push button system.
  • Use the trim tool to capture any broadcast that you want to view again. See your screen captures or delete them at will.
  • In the captured audiovisuals, you can actually selectively edit the boring parts to go straight to the most interesting aspects of the show.
  • You can edit the captured videos and cut them into several smaller videos, all at your convenience. Record, crop, delete, or save, do anything that suits you.

Free with freedom of choice

Besides the local Ethiopian channels, international channels can be watched FREE from both your iPhone and iPad of the latest version. One will never be out of touch from what is really happening in his homeland even when you are settled across. He can relive the experience again and again by high quality audio visual capture and editing made possible by the app. The Apple application is soon going to be the apple of your eyes, quite literally, as soon as you download it. Streaming quality is very good and viewers can enjoy high definition experience anywhere anytime.

Let everyone know

Excellent sharing features have been made available on the touch screen. Share your snippets conveniently on Facebook or upload them on YouTube! Put them up on Twitter or send them across to a group of your friends via Dropbox. Definitely, you can also email the audio – video captures.

Do you like talk shows? You can enjoy shows such as the famous Jimmy Falon show of the American TV. Ethiopian talk shows can be enjoyed with the same convenience. If you are busy now and do not have time to watch your show of choice, just hit the record button and relax. Once your meeting is over, you check out the recorded show.

Get in touch

Crop out the unwanted parts to enjoy a condensed and compact viewing experience. The huge number of channels in radio and televised broadcast offers the user ample freedom of choice. There will never be a dull moment, neither any moment filled with boring typical broadcasts! The application is updated periodically and new channels are constantly added. The user can also connect directly with the app administrator by the email info@lastthink.com, suggesting favorite channels or inquiring over any issue.

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