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Online Persian TV


listen, Persian, Live , Radio, watch, TV, Channels, online
Online Persian TV

This Online Persian app is a cutting edge app, which gives you a striking opportunity to watch TV channels and listen to Radio from all over the globe. You can watch not only native channels, but also international channels. Having this contemporary app on your apple device you can watch your preferable TV program, news, movies, cartoons, talk shows, music etc. There are also channels customized only for children.


This Online free application has lots of advantages, which are:


  • Recording your favorite programs, films, news or whatever you like by merely pushing the button on the screen.
  •             Sharing what you’re watching with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dropbox, email and more. They’re fun to browse, easy to create and can be shared.
  •            Seeking the content across streaming and advertise services. So You’ll quickly be able to search and find something curious to watch with our highly qualified free IOS application.
  • Refining by HD-only and favorite channels.The highest quality even with the lowest Internet and HD quality with the normal Internet.
  •             Editing out the boring  bits and getting straight to the best part. So the program wont be dull for you and you can enjoy it without any difficulties.
  •            Recording additional videos for edition and cropping the way you wish.
  •            Discovering over 100 channels of great entertainment beyond the Persian Online TV app right on your equipment’s touchscreen interface. Watch huge number of channels in HD level.
  • Screening and saving your selected parts from hit movies, music, videos, comedies, news, Talk Shows and sports. Then flip  your phone to instantly zap a show to your connected TV and enjoy.
listen, Persian, Live , Radio, watch, TV, Channels, online
Online Persian TV

This free IOS app is an irreplaceable application with long term support and regular data update service. The channels are always updating and give you huge number of entertainment programs. If you are interested in watching television or listen to Radio, so that you want to improve your Persian language skills or you intend to get acquainted with Persian culture then, this splendid app is absolutely for you.

listen, Persian, Live , Radio, watch, TV, Channels, online
Online Persian TV

If you  find any difficulties to find  your favorite channels or have any recommendation or oppinion please, contact us by info@lastthink.com email address. We look forward to hearing your new suggestions and we will address your concerns as soon as possible.

NOTE: We have selected data from the internet, and if any organization does not want us to show the content of the unit, please kindly ask us to remove the Content. We follow TV rules and regulations as well as select original TV content data without artificial editions.

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