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UAE Radio Live

By downloading and listening to our innovative UAE Live Radio you relax and gain a nuanced understanding of all the current events taking place in India. You can witness the current events taking place at UAE as well as listen to the latest hits and take part into contemporary talk shows.

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UAE Radio Live

The above mentioned FM radio station has several enhancements that make it the most comprehensive and advanced Radio Station for your iPhone, iPad as well as iPod Touch.

UAE Radio Live will grab your attention with its best features ever

  • If you want to share your favorite songs, news or any kind of program with your friends, our extraordinary iOS application will let you share them via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, e-Mail and etc.
  • If you want some innovations concerning to our Radio Station, you will not get bored awing to our regular updates and various servings.
  • If you have any kind of hesitation connected with the quality of our app, we reassure you that all the Radio Stations work in a proper way.
  • If you find it difficult to remember the name of your favorite song, this highly qualified application solves that problem and provides you with the appropriate information about the name of the song and the author name of the song you are listening to.
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UAE Radio Live

UAE Live Radio is meant for the Indian diaspora abroad and for people interested in UAE culture.

It should be pointed out immediately that you can use our UAE Live Radio on your Apple devices with a compulsory internet connection.

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