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Senegal Radio LIve

Gaining some knowledge about the world around us is probably one of the most essential reasons why we turn to informative applications like Radios, TV Channels and etc.  Apart from being informative Radio applications should also be entertaining and enjoyable. This clearly indicates the importance of choosing good music, talk show and program by our sophisticated programmers.

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Senegal Radio LIve

Among the major draws of this Senegal Radio (Live) is that it has the advantages mentioned below:

  • An opportunity of enjoying our radio stations without having to overcome any kind of obstacles or impediments. Our professionals are always there to do even the most impossible things to make you delighted with all the extra features that have been included in this version.
  • Adequate information about the song you are interested in, starting with the song name and ending up with the author and the album of the song.
  • An opportunity of sharing anything you like right from the app on your Facebook, Twitter or any other web-page. Sharing your preferable songs or whatever you listen to with your friends or relatives is not a matter of concern as long as you are with us.
  • Existence of frequent updates, availability of new features and various stations. So the above mentioned FM will not let you get neither board nor disappointed.
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Senegal Radio LIve

Our app broadcasts news, educational shows in addition to entertaining programs and gives overview of the country’s current situation. By listening to our Radio Stations our listeners will obtain thorough understanding of Senegal culture, traditions as well as will expand their foreign language skills.

So, if you consider downloading this pioneering Senegal Live Radio app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, don’t miss the opportunity which will certainly be one of your best choices ever.


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